jueves, 7 de agosto de 2014

Estreno mundial de FAVULA

Hoy se proyecta la película de Perrone en el Festival de Locarno

There is an extremely simple storyline, a story about slave trades, danger and redemption. The title's fable, written in Perrone's language, with a beginning, a development and an end. But the experience doesn't come down only to the fable, it happens in another part, in the interior of every shot; cinema as a look over the canvas-screen. Perrone draws in the interior of every shot, with a miniaturistic fine detail. Or he composes the shot like a chord, with several notes that sound simultaneously. The focus is on what happens to Perrone with the shot, in the perplexity of his way of watching and what it produces to us while watching it.

Perrone, whether he knows it or not, is turning around the very notion of shot, to find not without certain wonder, that still yet, turned around, there is cinema. So what is a shot? What is cinema? Perrone asks, whether he knows it or not (maybe he knows he doesn´t know it and that is why he is so restless).

Weird thing cinema, to introduce itself between the fibrillations of the shot with little lightnings, rhymes, springs from which people, ghosts, little animals sprout, allered space's scales being used as music alterations, flat images, sharp images, poliryhtmic inside the shot, the big and the small, the closeness and the distance. Working with the gaze's memory, with the seen cinema, with the glimpsed reality, with the moment in which the looks are not quotes or footnotes, not filmographics references or private screenings in the morning with an empty stomach.

FAVULA: bonaerenses's faces inserted in edit shots with several labels, projected landscapes, chinese shadows, cross-cutting that takes back and extremes the concept of truca (trick), paying the rol of Melies' illusionism in a digital format. Deep focus abolished, liquid and gases are projected in the screen-canvas, like if cinema was invented once again. FAVULA´s universe is never seen in its details, but rather half-seen in the shot and completed in the observer's fabled mind.

Seeing FAVULA a stupid thought came to my mind, that in some time from now Perrone would be doing a 3D movie. I tell him about this idea and he smiles. He says: yes, in three days. I don't know, huh?

(del pressbook de FAVULA editado para el Festival de Locarno, 
donde hoy se estrena la película de Raúl Perrone)
Una versión en castellano de este texto puede leerse acá.

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Srgio dijo...

Favula es un punto de avanzada en el cine de Raul como lo fue PENDEJOS. Raul atraviesa por un momento especial de gran greativdad, libertad, exploracion, y muuuuucho trabajo. Enorme su capacidad, talento, y humildad a la hora de seguir haciendo peliculas.

Sergio Boggio

Anónimo dijo...