domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2011

Lo máss del añño

Le reprocha a Hebe que no haya contribuido a la unidad nacional. Shoklender le reprocha. Caparrós lo reproduce. Huili Raffo está shockeado.

¿No es extraña la forma en que ignoramos?
cómo acudimos a un consejo equivocado
cómo lo medimos y cómo nos lo imaginamos
y confundimos el valor con el precio
y jugamos un juego con el tiempo y el amor
con un par de tiradas de dados?
Tan hermosa, tan hermosa
o tan qué.

"Sí, claro, Cristina nunca fue en una boleta c Menem y los 90. Y hoy es Presidenta por los votos de la fuerza del tomuer" (@vikidonda).

Is the world strange, or am I strange?
Is the world strange, or am I?
Is the world mean, or am I mean?
Guess I won't know 'til I die

Everyone I know, I don't wanna see you anymore
I don't even know what I know you for
all I know is that you made me feel abnormal
And mostly always, all day, as kids when we played
I still felt like I had to try to be okay with you

And truly, I wanted you to like me
Not spite me without explanation unrightly
But even as a kid, my heart's what I hid
'Cause something about it and this planet don't fit

I could never build relationships the way you did
So you were only friends with what I pretended
Every day, every minute, and now I'm stuck so far in it
This game will mean death for me if I don't win it

I'm a coward, a deserter, an anonymous flirter
I had me a woman, but my bullshit just hurt her
Very much the same, when I was at school
Felt like I was from a junk gene pool

Created to be confused, should never have to choose
Between what I am, and what the world understands
But if I never did, I would be more isolated
But sure I'd be hated, so it's way better if I fake it

Fake me, fake these words
I'm sick of polishing this turd
For this proud little planet, that can't understand it
But really, it's clearly my fucked mind that's had it

I tried, don't know why, but myself was no help
People saw shit inside me
it's clear that they felt
It wasn't their job to comprehend
so I began learning them
To spare them the expense
I began my descent to the future

Time here's not like when you're 8
It's real, like mistakes I just realized I made
Like thinking people are worth having to suffer

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